Victoire Douy is currently a student at Gobelins but already shows an impressive array or works in her portfolio, with a very slick style.

(All artists have to answer the same 10 questions.)

1. First and Last Name
Victoire Douy

2. Where are you from? And where are you currently living?
I’m from Paris and currently living in Paris.

3. What’s your main influences?
I found my influences in arts: fashion, museum. But also when I travel!

4. How was your path until this moment? How did you start?
When I was younger I was drawing all the time with my sister, Chloé. When I grew up, I decided to study Print Design.

5. Where do you see yourself next?
For the moment I am focusing on my studies, but I’ll love to work in another country.

6. Knowing what you know now, what would be your advice for people in the same area?
Good things take time!

Good things take time!

7. Is there something you are terrible at :)?
I am so bad at sports (all of them), it’s a shame.

8. Tell us 3 things you like

  • Drinking tea in a good company
  • The smell of clean laundry
  • Pandas!

9. And 3 things you don’t

  • Sparkling water
  • Bad design
  • Waiting

10. Last question, what are you listening at the moment (band, specific music or album)
I am currently fond of Cigarettes after Sex. (My favorite: Nothing’s gonna hurts you baby)

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