Miguel Teixeira is a 3D artist based in Porto, Portugal. His works focus mainly on characters but extends to VFX as well. He is currently in the process of opening a studio in Porto.

(All artists have to answer the same 10 questions.)

1. First and Last Name
Miguel Teixeira

2. Where are you from? And where are you currently living?
I’m from Porto, Portugal, and currently, I’m living in Porto, Portugal, the triple award winner best European destination city. I love everything about Porto. 🙂

3. What’s your main influences?
I really love everything about fantasy and sci-fi, but at the same time classic artists. I think is the base for everything, the fundamentals, and classic artists worked really well on it. Talking about visual effects influences, for sure Weta Digital is my main reference. The character work is unique, the facial work on characters is unique. For some reason directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron work with Weta, their films are always top quality, and I like that, always focused in the quality and finding new techniques to develop digital art/CG.

4. How was your path until this moment? How did you start?
I started back in 1998, at the age of 14, when my father gave me my first personal computer, a IBM pentium 2 on that time. In the first week, I tried to work on it, but couldn’t because I didn’t even know how to turn it on.. Lol, and turned back to my 2D drawings. On that time I drew a lot of Dragon Ball, and also did some 2D animations by hand, using a light table/desk I built my own. Later on, I started to mix traditional knowledge with digital one, and that is what I keep doing since then. My path is based on this law, always mixing traditional knowledge with digital one, and always building my own “light desks/table”, always trying to find a solution to solve a problem. So my path until now it’s being a pure joy, I keep learning something new in CG daily, no matter if I’m working for a company or for my own. I’m 33 now, but in my head, I think I have 22 or 23, always curious about new ways of doing things or thinking about art.

Miguel Teixeira

5. Where do you see yourself next?
I have a personal law in life and work life, that is “keep the evolution growing”, no matter if is for a company or on my own. I don’t plan as much, I just do what I feel. To me to plan for what I will do in the next year is too much, I just know I want to keep pushing myself to have a better and bigger knowledge, no matter the place, the company, the software, etc. Personally, at this moment, in the next weeks, I want to grow up my knowledge in Facial Animation/FACS.

“keep the evolution growing”, no matter if is for a company or for my own


6. Knowing what you know now, what would be your advice for people in the same area?
Don’t wait for an answer. Don’t wait for someone to help you. And keep training in your fundamentals. In critical moments it’s always the fundamentals that will save you, they don’t lie, they are the core. The software keeps changing, but the fundamentals it is what will keep you alive in this area. I saw so many people stopping because they got stuck in the software or “special tip” because they fall in love with it and didn’t look anymore to the fundamentals.

In critical moments it’s always the fundamentals that will save you, they don’t lie, they are the core

7. Is there something you are terrible at :)?
I tend to give too much to others and help to much… Lol and that’s a bad thing because 99% of the people abuse of that “kindness”. I do think I’m still in the 80’s and 90’s ahah But is something I’m working on. Work related I need to improve my skills in scripting/programming. Studying Python already.

8. Tell us 3 things you like

  • Sleep
  • Climb Mountains
  • Rice

9. And 3 things you don’t

  • Envy, injustice, and lies
  • Rain
  • Comfort zone

10. Last question, what are you listening at the moment (band, specific music or album)
Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and P.O.D.

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