Luca Viola is a motion designer artist from Italy currently living in Brighton where he works for Bolder Creative.

(All artists have to answer the same 10 questions.)

1. First and Last Name
Luca Viola

2. Where are you from? And where are you currently living?
I’m from Italy. Now living and working in Brighton

3. What’s your main influences?
At the moment there are so many good movies and animated films which I’m inspired by. Loving the high-end visual effects mixed with colorful renders.

4. How was your path until this moment? How did you start?
Since I was a kid I always loved drawing but never got the chance to actually do anything related to it. Few years ago I got myself a computer and decided to give it a go again at some sort of creative work and started playing around with 3D. After a few months learning the software and putting some of my work on Behance I was lucky enough to get an internship at Bolder Creative in Brighton where im currently working.

5. Where do you see yourself next?
To keep on doing the job I love for as long as I can, working on big and amazing projects.

To keep on doing the job I love for as long as I can



6. Knowing what you know now, what would be your advice for people in the same area?
Never stop pushing your limits, always try to make something new and get out of your comfort zone

Never stop pushing your limits…

7. Is there something you are terrible at :)?
Too many keyframes…I wish I could animate better, I’m working on it…


8. Tell us 3 things you like

  • Good Food
  • Travelling
  • VFX

9. And 3 things you don’t

  • Long render times
  • Talk in front of many people
  • Wind

10. Last question, what are you listening at the moment (band, specific music or album)
Recently relistening to the libertines

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