Guille Llano is a  3D artist and lead animator from Spain with a background in Architecture.

(All artists have to answer the same 10 questions.)

1. First and Last Name
Guille Llano

2. Where are you from? And where are you currently living?
From Santander, Spain. Currently living in Madrid.


3. What’s your main influences?
Architecture, Films amd Art.

4. How was your path until this moment? How did you start?
I was born in Santander in 1989, I moved to Madrid in 2007 to begin my studies in Architecture at UPM. During that time I discovered the world of Advertising, Audiovisual Realization and Design. Therefore, I began to acquire knowledge in these fields both in a self-taught way and in various schools.

(…)I fell in love with 3D Illustration and animation.

After Finishing my degree and working as a CG Architect during 2 years, I decided to take a time, ran my own art gallery (ESPOSITIVO) and focused myself on design, illustration and motion graphics.

During that time I discovered different studios that used 3D in a stunning way that I had never seen before and I fell in love with 3D Illustration and animation.

Nowadays I am the lead animator at JVG Studio and I work as a freelance designer for different clients.

5. Where do you see yourself next?
I hope doing what a do for a long time because I feel lucky to work doing what I love. I want to move myself to the next level, improve my skills and collaborate with people who I admire.


6. Knowing what you know now, what would be your advice for people in the same area?
Don’t think about which degree is better than the other to get a job or earn more money. Think about what makes you happy, learn it, practice it and repeat it. If you find something that you love to do, you will dedicate time to it, you will improve and that will make you happy, so you will dedicate more time and you will be better. Then work and money will follow.

Think about what makes you happy, learn it, practice it and repeat it.

7. Is there something you are terrible at :)?
I’m really bad at drawing. That´s why I find 3D amazing.

8. Tell us 3 things you like

  • Cinema
  • Music
  • People

9. And 3 things you don’t

  • Traffic jam
  • Peas
  • Heat

10. Last question, what are you listening at the moment (band, specific music or album)
BEJO and Cooking Soul

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