Andrea Braga is a Designer and Animator from Italy currently living in London. In the last few years, he has been focusing on Screen Graphics for movies like Passengers and Ghost in the Shell as well as Title Sequences for Film and Tv.

(All artists have to answer the same 10 questions.)

1. First and Last Name
Andrea Braga

2. Where are you from? And where are you currently living?
I am from Italy but I currently live in London.

3. What’s your main influences?
Movies, Photography, Music and of course the Web are the richest and easiest sources, but usually, the best inspiration comes from unrelated and unexpected experiences.

4. How was your path until this moment? How did you start?
It’s been a complicated journey.
I grew up in the North of Italy dreaming of being a truck driver and playing basketball all the time.
I then studied Aerospace Engineering at University in Milan and later Product Design. I first got in touch with Motion Graphics during my Erasmus studies in Porto, Portugal. Back to Italy I graduated and booked a one-way flight ticket.
After an internship at a company called Frame in Copenhagen, I permanently moved to London where I started to work as a Freelance Motion Designer.

(…)I graduated and booked a one-way flight ticket.


5. Where do you see yourself next?
It would be easy to say that I see myself working on an amazing project with great people, but to be honest, I have no idea about my future, where I am going to be and what I’ll be doing.. and that’s exciting!

(…)to be honest, I have no idea about my future…

6. Knowing what you know now, what would be your advice for people in the same area?
Keep asking questions, no matter how stupid they might sound. That’s the only way to constantly learn.
And travel as much as you can!

7. Is there something you are terrible at :)?
I am a professional procrastinator.

8. Tell us 3 things you like

  • Basketball
  • Bread
  • South East Asia

9. And 3 things you don’t

  • Cheese
  • Energy Waste
  • Ugly Shoes

10. Last question, what are you listening at the moment (band, specific music or album)
Lambert – Sweet Apocalypse

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